Mark Cocker at AGM

3rd Jul 2018 @ 13:50

Mark Cocker takes centre stage for a thought-provoking and entertaining star turn at our AGM.

Mark Cocker’s latest book "Our Place - Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?" is described by The Guardian as ‘a seriously great book, important and urgent’ in which he delivers ‘a blistering attack on the country’s collective failure to protect its landscape and wildlife’.

In the book, Mark criticises national environmental institutions for caring more about membership and landowners than the campaigns that initially spurred them into existence. But he is an Ambassador for the Friends, and promises a fascinating and provocative dialogue as guest speaker at our AGM.

Mark will be interviewed by writer and Guardian journalist, Ed Douglas, focusing on the history of conservation. Together they will discuss issues such as: Where did the green movement start and where did the ideas come from? What has happened to it and where is it going? Who created our cherished institutions like the National Trust and RSPB? 

They will address searching questions like: Who owns the land and why? Who benefits from green policies? Relating them to specific landscapes, including the Peak District, they will look at the important role of the mass trespass movement. 

They will also explore the great paradox that whilst British people love wildlife and the countryside more than almost any other nation, and it is known to be a fundamental part of our national identity, we have still spectacularly failed to protect it.

Mark promises to be as interesting and stimulating in person as he is in print. All are welcome to attend. 

Event details: Annual General Meeting
Date: Thursday 19th July at 7pm (AGM business will follow at 8.15pm)
Venue: The Maynard, Main Road, Grindleford, Derbyshire, S32 2HE
Tickets: Free to members. £5 to non-members (on the door). Anyone planning to attend is invited to email or call 0114 279 2655. Non-members are welcome to attend the AGM but will not be eligible to vote.

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Mark Cocker: acclaimed writer, broadcaster, naturalist and environmental tutor. His latest book (described as radical, provocative and original), "Our Place - Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?" 

Ed Douglas is a writer and journalist with a passion for the wilder corners of the natural world. The current editor of the Alpine Journal, and a current Guardian columnist, Ed is an enthusiastic amateur climber and mountain traveller, with a particular interest in the Himalaya. His latest book, "KINDER SCOUT, The people's mountain" reveals the social, political, cultural and ecological developments that have shaped the physical and human landscape of this enigmatic and treasured hill.

State of Nature report: 
Of the 3,148 species studied in the report, 60% had declined in the past 50 years, 31% had declined badly and 600 were threatened with extinction. We lost 44m birds and 99% of wildflower meadows, half our ancient woodland, three-quarters of our heathland, and three-quarters of our ponds.