Planned greenfield housing estate refused

17th Nov 2016

We're celebrating with the people of Edenthorpe an important defeat for a planned housing estate in the countryside outside Doncaster

Hallam Land Management applied in 2015 to build 650 homes to the east of Mere Lane, Edenthorpe. There were many problems with the proposal. It would be a stand-alone housing estate, accessed from the A630 motorway link road, rather than an organic extension of the existing village. It would close off the 'green wedge' that maintains some open space between Edenthorpe and Armthorpe. It would further harm the prospects of two nearby brownfield sites being developed, and the impact on primary and secondary school capacity had been very poorly thought through. So it's great news that Doncaster Council's Planning Committee has refused the scheme.

Worryingly, the Council's planning team had recommended the application for approval, despite it being so deeply flawed. Thankfully, the Parish Council and a number of Doncaster Councillors did a sterling job in exposing the scheme's weaknesses and passionately explaining why it was the wrong development in the wrong place.

The Planning Committee unanimously rejected the application, as contravening their core planning policies for where new development should be located, adding congestion to the road network and harming education provision in the area.

This would obviously be a lucrative site for the developers, and it seems likely that they will appeal this decision. We will now work hard with the local community, because it's very important that we defeat the appeal. The site cannot be developed sustainably, and it should stay in the countryside.