Woodsetts public inquiry

2nd Jul 2019

The inquiry into exploratory drilling for shale gas at Woodsetts in Rotherham's lovely countryside has now concluded, after an amazing performance by the local community group, Woodsetts Against Fracking. After attending public inquiry training provided by us in 2018, they went on to crowdfund for a barrister and several expert witnesses to bolster their case, all of whom did sterling work as did countless supporting WAF members. 

We gave evidence on day 6 of the public inquiry  (see here for more detail: https://drillordrop.com/2019/06/20/live-news-updates-from-day-6-inquiry-into-ineos-plans-for-woodsetts/. Put simply, we said that the Government withdrawing a key paragraph supporting shale gas development from the National Planning Policy framework (after it was found to be unlawful), strengthened our case that significant impacts on local landscapes and amenity outweighed potential national interest in shale gas exploration. We also said the Government's new policy to achieve net carbon zero by 2050 must also be taken into account. 

A week later the Government announced that the case had been 'called-in', so that a Minister will now take the decision rather than the Planning Inspector who heard the case. This also probably means the decision will be delayed for several months.