Save Sheffield's Countryside UPDATE

29th May 2019

Save our green belt

Some of you may have seen CPRE at Sheffield station just before Easter, when we unveiled our map of countryside at risk. Now here’s our first update.

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At the station event, we met people from all across the city, and learned about the parts of the countryside that matter to them. We also had some really good media coverage in the Yorkshire Post, Sheffield Star and Telegraph, and on Twitter. It seems our key message – that Sheffield can and should meet its housing needs without eating into precious countryside – strikes a chord with many people.

You may also have seen articles in the national press suggesting that Green Belt needs to be released on a large scale to provide homes. This is presented as a moral argument – people need homes more than they need countryside. We argue that this is flawed logic. In Sheffield, CPRE research shows enough brownfield land for about 25,000 homes – around 11 years’ supply. These are just the brownfield sites that landowners have already put forward for development. 

Much more could be done to re-model currently run down areas of Sheffield. Treating greenfield sites as an easy, go-to option doesn’t just waste countryside – it also wastes these important opportunities to bring new life to existing neighbourhoods. 

We’re hoping you can get these messages heard by your local councillors. Whatever their political persuasion, they must be in no doubt about how much their voters care about their environment – the good bits and the bad bits. They care about parks, trees, air quality, litter, rivers and wildlife, allotments, and places to walk, cycle and do sport. Will you write, email or talk to them to help us save precious green belt land?

In the coming few months, we’ll be organising events in places across Sheffield where we know the countryside is under pressure for development. We want to hear what matters to you and talk about how we can make change happen. We’ll email you dates and venues as soon as they are booked!

Please let us know if you’d like to volunteer to do more, including getting our information distributed in your local area. Please either email us on or call on 0114 279 2655.

Thanks for your support so far!