Outrageous proposal to build 22 houses in Sheffield’s Green Belt

12th Dec 2018

We're adding our voice to the many local residents, including the Dore Village Society, who are strongly objecting to the application to build 22 houses in Sheffield’s designated and (until now) protected Green Belt which is also part of a Local Wildlife Site. 

Planning officer, Andrew Wood, explains “The application at Long Line is for 22 houses, which would fill one of the remaining gaps in development on the South-West side of the road. The gradual filling out of Long Line is a huge anomaly in Sheffield's otherwise fairly robust defence of Green Belt over recent years.

“We want to know why Long Line is uniquely vulnerable to the Green Belt being nibbled away, especially as it also falls within a Local Wildlife Site. It's difficult to see how the Council could accept the applicant's argument of special circumstances to build in the Green Belt”. 

Without a Local Plan, Sheffield City Council’s development plan policies are deemed to be out of date, and the applicants are trying to exploit this by claiming that the new development meets a housing need. However, national planning policies mean that the protected status of the site should not be compromised by the out-of-date plan. Also, none of the new houses are proposed to be affordable, so their effect on meeting real housing needs would be very limited.

The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust added their voice to the objections, saying “The site is not allocated for housing. The land is designated as Green Belt and is located within the boundary of Dore Moor Local Wildlife Site. We support the many concerns raised by local residents about the potential loss of this important Local Wildlife Site and inappropriate development on the Green Belt.”

We're asking Sheffield City Council to heed these concerns and refuse this application. 

Further details about the planning application can be found on the Sheffield City Council website: www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/sheffield/home/planning-development/search-view-comment.html and use the following Planning Application Reference: 18/04034/OUT

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