Devastating new HS2 route

19th Oct 2018

The new HS2 line through South Yorkshire would have a devastating and lasting impact on our most treasured landscapes. High viaducts, long embankments and deep cuttings would radically change favourite views forever.  

Wildlife sites, ancient woodland and high quality agricultural land would be lost and dozens of footpaths would be diverted.

Although some impacts could be concealed or reduced as new tree and hedge planting grows, the viaducts over the River Dearne and Frickley flood plain near Mexborough would be permanent intrusions. Further north the line would be highly visible on the 2 km long, 24 metre high Barnburgh embankment before dropping into the 3.7km long Hickleton cutting. 

"The route bisects high ground with a deep cutting adjacent to a popular local viewpoint at Watchley Crags,” said Anne Robinson, our transport campaigner. “HS2 Ltd have taken no notice of our suggestion for a short cut-and-cover tunnel. At Hickleton, the cutting would create an uncharacteristic land form between Ludlow Hill and Barnburgh Cliff with severance of the ridgeline and the wood.”

Impacts on local communities include the loss of 63 homes between Ravenfield and Clayton. In the peak construction phase between 2024 and 2028, there would be major impacts of noise, earthworks plus plant and lorry movements on local roads.

In principle we support rail developments, but they have to be in the right place. HS2 has got this badly wrong. Putting the route across the Magnesian Limestone Ridge between Mexborough and Clayton would destroy the integrity of the best South Yorkshire landscapes. We made a host of constructive suggestions to reduce the impact, and none have been taken on board.

This is incredibly disappointing.