Halt plans to fast track fracking

31st Jul 2018

It should be up to local communities to decide whether or not to host fracking operations in their areas

New government proposals which are trying to force through fracking is being widely criticised. They would enable shale gas explorers to drill test sites in England without applying for planning permission and fracking sites could be classed as nationally significant infrastructure, meaning approval would come at a national rather than local level.

Daniel Carey-Dawes, Senior Infrastructure Campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: 

‘It’s as if the government doesn’t realise the scale of the opposition. If they press ahead with these proposals, the protests, outrage and anger from local people across the country will undoubtedly intensify.

‘These proposals would be a complete perversion of the planning system and trample over the rights of local communities - all to fast-track an industry bringing environmental risks that would massively outweigh any suggested ‘benefit’ to our energy security.’

Following the initial announcement of the proposals, CPRE launched a petition with 38 Degrees to demonstrate to the government the scale of opposition. The petition has received almost 150,000 signatures so far, reflecting the widespread discontent with fracking since the industry first targeted the English countryside for drilling.

Click here to sign the 38 Degrees petition.


Or visit the national CPRE website here for more info.