Donate to our Green Belt Appeal 2017

22nd Nov 2017

Our research shows that more green belt and green field sites are being lost but without addressing the desperate need for more well-designed, well-located and affordable homes. At the same time, greedy developers are trying to renege on the provision of affordable housing. So, making more land available to house builders does not increase the number of homes being built, nor does it produce the homes that are most needed. This is a national scandal which unnecessarily threatens beautiful, local countryside.

We have our work cut out. Every time we help local communities fight to save precious green belt and green field sites, we must search through hundreds of documents; analyse local planning policies; liaise with the community; draft our objections and research alternatives; liaise with the community; make objections and attend long running public inquiries.

All this costs time and money. Major house builders have the finances and legal back-up to appeal any decision against them. We have very little except our unyielding determination to stop the green belt suffering death by a thousand cuts. It was our organisation that took the leading role in creating Sheffield’s green belt; eighty years on, we are the only local charity fighting to save it.

What we’re fighting for. We support a ‘brownfield first’ approach which avoids unnecessary use of greenfield sites by first re-modelling the huge areas of wasted urban space which blight our towns and cities to provide attractive and sustainable places to live and work.

Please help! We will not silently mourn the loss of our green belts and the wild open spaces of our childhoods. Instead we will fight to protect them, one green field and one planning application at a time. Help save the local countryside you love by donating to our appeal today.


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