Calling for refusal of Edenthorpe housing scheme

8th Nov 2016

We are calling on Doncaster Council's Planning Committee to refuse an application for 650 houses outside Edenthorpe against the recommendation of the Council planners.

The application was submitted last year for the scheme between Mere Lane and Hatfield Lane, to the east of Edenthorpe. The road access to the site is from West Moor Link and the development will only be connected to Edenthorpe village by a footpath, yet Council staff have suggested the scheme would be a sustainable extension of the village.

This is not an allocated housing site: it's in a stretch of countryside that is crucial to preventing Edenthorpe and Armthorpe from merging together. Despite revised footpath proposals, it's a single road-access site that is virtually cut off from Edenthorpe. To build 650 homes that are so detached from the existing neighbourhoods and with no facilities of their own can't possibly be said to be sustainable development.

The Doncaster Council planner's recommends that the developer subsidise a frequent bus service to the site, but this would have to do a significant detour to access the site and it would take a long time to get to the town centre; so it is unlikely to be well-used and so it will not help to reduce car usage. Also, only 10% of homes are set to be affordable, much less than Doncaster's own policy target of 26%.

Any greenfield development of this scale must be properly planned for through the Local Plan and it must be fully connected to the community it is extending. This is just a huge, isolated, speculative housing estate. Also, creating a large urban extension site without meeting the affordable homes target would be a catastrophic failure to meet people's housing needs. Doncaster Council really must refuse this application: the people of Edenthorpe deserve better than this.

Note: Planning application 15/01278 will be the subject of a technical meeting, open to the public and press, at Doncaster Council on Friday 11th November at 1pm. It is due to be considered by the Planning Committee on Tuesday 15th November.