Our Green Belt faces unprecedented threat

28th Jan 2016

We recently responded to the first stage of consultations on Sheffield's new Local Plan. The document, 'Citywide Growth Options to 2034', focuses on where to locate around 43,000 new homes in and around Sheffield. CPRE are warning that, without a radically different approach being taken, a big slice of this new development will take place in the Green Belt that currently protects the beautiful countryside around the city.

CPRE support more house building but emphasise it's very important to build the right types of homes in the right places for the people who need them, at prices they can afford to buy or rent.

“Although Sheffield City Council should be praised for aiming to regenerate and remodel inner urban areas like Neepsend and Attercliffe, they have talked down the amount of new housing those areas could provide,” says Andrew Wood, CPRE’s Planning Officer, “as a result, they are suggesting a number of large bites into the Green Belt to make up the numbers. Some of these bites are likely to be around Norton and along the Upper Don Valley from Oughtibridge to Stocksbridge.”

The campaign group is particularly worried that the recent permission for housing at the Dyson site in open countryside outside Stannington has opened up a loophole, allowing large housing developments on former industrial sites in the Green Belt. An application for housing at Oughtibridge paper mill is expected soon, and it is likely the hugely contentious Hepworth site in the Loxley Valley will soon be under consideration again.