88 houses to be built in Green Belt

19th Nov 2015

The planning application for 88 houses in the Loxley Valley Green Belt, outside Sheffield, was approved by Sheffield City Council. We attended the Planning Committee meeting, and along with representatives from Dungworth and the Loxley Valley Protection Society made a strong case.

We all wanted to see this former factory site redeveloped, but this is the wrong scheme. Several committee members agreed, and were particularly concerned about impacts on local infrastructure. We are disappointed by the result. The most important thing now is to ensure it does not set a precedent for further, even more damaging incursions into the Green Belt.

Planning Officer, Andrew Wood, said, "The unique relationship between Sheffield and the stunning landscapes of the Peak District has been carefully protected by Green Belt since the 1930s. This scheme breaches the whole principle of what the Green Belt is there to do. The distinction between city and country will be lost and, perhaps worst of all, the precedent for further breaches elsewhere in the Green Belt will be established."