South Yorkshire's waste of space

11th Dec 2014

CPRE has produced a map showing derelict brownfield sites in towns and cities across the country, where much needed housing could be built, instead of encroaching into our precious countryside. You can see the map here.

It looks like there's hardly any wasted spaces in South Yorkshire; nowhere for us to build and save our local countryside from the developers. Politicians pay lip service to the concept of ‘brownfield first’, but in fact the figures are falling – from 80% of new housing on brownfield sites in 2008 to 68% in 2011.

We need to call a halt to this worrying trend. And you can help. It’s easy to support our campaign. Just take a photo of a waste of space near your home, or somewhere you pass on your way to work, or anywhere - a house, a pub, a block of flats, a school, a shop, an industrial wasteland, a cinema, or a carpark – and send it to CPRE. Provide a street name, a postcode and a brief description so we can pin it on the map.

The map is updated weekly, so just check to see if your photo has been added.