ROBIN HOOD HOUSES: "It's all take and no give"

23rd Jan 2013


We are demanding that Doncaster Council refuse a planning application by Peel Investments to build 350 new houses on valuable countryside, at Hayfield Green near Doncaster Robin Hood Airport.


In 2011 Doncaster Council approved an outline application by Peel to build houses on green fields off Hurst Lane in Auckley. This was a significant departure from Doncaster Council’s own planning policies, justified by assurances that the development’s contribution to the local economy and community would outweigh the environmental impacts.



CPRE South Yorkshire is now dismayed that the previous commitments Doncaster Council was given by Peel have been removed in a revised version of the application now being considered by planners.



“Though we were really disappointed with Doncaster’s original decision, which made this the first Countryside Policy Area site to be handed over for housing, we took some comfort in the fact that the conditions imposed by the Council at least ensured some benefits to the local community and economy would be secured” says Andrew Wood, Planning Officer at CPRE South Yorkshire. The new application submitted by Peel is a blatant attempt to avoid their responsibilities, and simply to build a large number of houses. Peel seem to have no interest in contributing to the community and economy from which they will profit."



There is no evidence of a Community Sports Centre being built, which was a prerequisite in gaining approval for the original housing development. Nor is there evidence of retail or business park floorspace being built ahead of the housing development. This was a condition also originally agreed to support the development of the local economy. Without this, the new homes will be occupied by people who will need to travel further afield for work, shops and services, taking money out of the area and adding to road traffic congestion. Important commitments to reducing CO2 emissions, to building affordable homes and to meeting Doncaster Council's own policies on sustainable housing design have also disappeared.

"Doncaster Council and local residents have so far been badly misled by Peel Investments. The proposed development is wrong for Hayfield Green and will not achieve any of the objectives that Doncaster Council intended.  We urge them to refuse this unnecessary and damaging scheme,” says Andrew Wood.