Barnsley: sites allocations

12th Oct 2012

Last year we supported Barnsley’s plans for housing and development across the borough in its Local Plan, including agreement that Green Belt would only be developed for employment targets.

Now Barnsley Council seems to be ignoring these good plans which were based on the outcomes of robust public consultation and the government Inspector’s views. New detailed site allocations show proposals for executive housing in the Green Belt and an increase in employment land from 350 to 500 hectares. Many of these new sites are inaccessible without cars.

Why has this happened? In the context of the new National Planning Policy Framework that gives economic development a green light, it seems the policy approach agreed through the formal democratic process has been overridden.

Without any consultation, the Council has decided that planning applications in accord with the newly published Economic Strategy Growing Barnsley’s Economy (2012 – 2033) will get the go ahead. Yet this strategy has not been through any rigorous independent scrutiny and most people are unaware of its existence. 

Not only is Barnsley trying to discard Green Belt protection and sustainable planning, it is also ignoring fundamental principles agreed with and for its citizens’ welfare. CPRE South Yorkshire will be challenging the assumption that policy can be amended without any consultation.