Save Doncaster's Green Wedges

24th Sep 2012

We are objecting to proposals to build houses on protected countryside in eight areas of Doncaster. Doncaster Council is looking at building on areas of protected countryside currently called “Green Wedges” because they preserve the setting and open space between villages and towns. The proposals are included in the council’s Sites and Policies document, which is part of its Local Plan that lays down how the borough will be developed over the next 16 years.

The eight areas earmarked for potential development are at:

• Thorne and Moorends
• Barnaby Dun and Kirk Sandall
• Armthorpe and Edenthorpe
• Armthorpe, Bassacarr and Cantley
• Stainforth and Hatfield
• Rossington and Bessacarr
• Adwick, Carcroft and Scawthorpe
• Adwick, Scawsby and Scawthorpe

Six of the eight areas are in Countryside Policy Areas. Therefore, according to the council’s existing planning rules, they should be protected from development.

We have really serious concerns about the plans. These Green Wedges are crucial – in the council’s own planning policies – for maintaining the integrity of local settlements, and of high quality landscape. We know times are hard and everyone is looking for ways to boost the economy, but once this countryside is gone, it’s gone! These areas should be given protection from development, rather than given up to it.

The majority of the areas are in the east of the borough, where there is no Green Belt protection for open countryside - which goes to show the importance of a full Green Belt for Doncaster, stretching all the way around the borough. These Green Wedges should form the backbone of a future Green Belt in the east of the borough.

We are particularly concerned about proposals for the two sites around Adwick, where over 3,000 houses could be built. This is Green Belt land and it would be severely eroded by the housing proposals. These two Green Wedges must beretained as Green Belt.