Ewden Valley cleaned up!

14th May 2012

Well done and thanks

to everyone who helped out at the Ewden Valley Community CleanUp on Saturday.

Ewden Valley is a beautiful spot south of Stocksbridge that boasts two reservoirs, some stunning landscapes and...quite a lot of horrible rubbish. Some areas of the valley (including around the Broomhead and Moor Hall reservoirs) are being used a dumping ground for builders and people too lazy or mean to do the right thing and go to the tip.

ewden valley cleanup may 2012

Well, enough was enough! Local people organised themselves to get out there and clean up. Our brilliant volunteers Peter Long (second from left in the photo), Sally Taylor (in the middle of the photo), our Lindsay and her Dad, joined other volunteers from Stocksbridge Town Council, Bradfield Parish Council and Bolsterstone Community Group at this event, which was also part of Sheffield Environment Week. They filled the trailer with bags and bags of rubbish, and more clean up events are planned...