Postcard to Clegg!

13th Dec 2011

We've just delivered a five foot postcard - and a petition signed by over 600 people - to Nick Clegg today, demanding that the Government radically rewrites the draft National Planning Policy Framework. We believe that the draft NPPF puts all our countryside in danger.

Thank you!

So thank you very much to everyone who has supported our campaign so far. We've had some good coverage including stories in the Yorkshire Post and Independent, and really hope that our lobbying will make a difference.

We’re calling on Nick Clegg to stick to his green principles, and make sure that the appalling changes to the planning system don’t go ahead as they are. In particular we want the draft NPPF changed so that it

  • protects our countryside for its unique beauty and value
  • no longer promotes economic growth over protecting our countryside
  • prioritises developing brownfield before greenfield land

We've also asked to meet Nick Clegg so that we can talk to him about local people's concerned about the impact of these planning changes on our countryside. Much of Sheffield's beautiful Green Belt land that protects the Peak District National Park is in his Hallam constituency. We also want to see him use his influence as Deputy Prime Minister to make sure the draft NPPF is changed.

Meanwhile, we've written to South Yorkshire's 13 MPs asking them to put pressure on the Government to rewrite the NPPF. 

Still time to make a difference

The Government is expected to publish the NPPF in January or February 2012. So there's still time for you to write to your own MP and ask them to speak out against these changes, and save our countryside!

MPs tell us that the most effective letters are those written by individuals, so it's best to write from the heart telling them how your local countryside could be affected by these proposed changes. If you prefer, you can edit or use the model letter - but please try to personalise it.


The photo shows Isabella Stone, Chair of CPRE South Yorkshire, and Carol Robinson, Chief Executive of CPRE South Yorkshire, handing over the postcard to Nick Clegg’s office.