Fasten Doncaster's Green Belt

24th Nov 2011

We're speaking out for Doncaster’s countryside next week, when Doncaster Council’s plans for the next 15 years are decided.

We've been invited to speak at the formal Examination in Public of Doncaster’s Core Strategy. This is the key document that decides on how much building and development will be allowed in the borough, and where it will go. We’ll be there, fighting for our local countryside.

We've been campaigning for many years to get Doncaster’s Green Belt extended all the way around the borough. We've argued successfully for the question of Green Belt to be included in the Examination in Public. We believe that countryside on the eastern side of Doncaster is unprotected and under increasing pressure for economic development.

We’ve got inspector looking at the issue now, and we want him to agree that extending the Green Belt is crucial! Doncaster needs to fasten up its Green Belt and save vulnerable land from development. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

At the same time, we're lobbying against the Government’s draft National Planning Policy Framework, the biggest shake up of the planning system for fifty years. They will mean chaos for the planning system. Now more than ever, it is crucial that solid plans are agreed and in place to save our countryside.