Throwing the green gauntlet at Clegg

14th Nov 2011

We're calling on Nick Clegg to stick to his green principles and radically rewrite government changes to the planning system. We've written an open letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Sheffield Hallam reminding him of his past pledges to the countryside. We're campaigning against the Government’s proposals for a new National Planning Policy Framework. The public consultation for the NPPF closed in October, but we are continuing to lobby for drastic changes.

See coverage by Yorkshire Post this weekend.

“The draft National Planning Policy Framework fails to value the countryside for its own sake, prioritises economic development over sustainable development and will wreak havoc on greenfield land,” said Carol Robinson, our Chief Executive. “When Nick Clegg spoke to us about the future of the countryside three years ago, he said “…our plans for land must always be green. Fixing the economy must never come at the expense of protecting the environment.”  However this is precisely what the NPPF would do!”

“Nick Clegg also said, “For me, and my party, land is valuable for land’s own sake. Not for what we can use it for, or how much money we can make out of it. But simply because we value our natural environment.” Given that the NPPF no longer includes the policy of valuing the countryside for its own sake, we wrote to tell him his words seem very hollow now.”

We're concerned about the impact that planning changes will have on South Yorkshire’s countryside, especially to much-loved Green Belt land in Nick Clegg’s own Sheffield Hallam ward.

“The people of Sheffield love and value the city’s Golden Frame – the beautiful Green Belt land that protects the Peak District National Park. Much of this land is in Nick Clegg’s constituency. It is under threat if the current NPPF goes ahead,” added Carol Robinson.

“So we’re throwing our green gauntlet at Nick Clegg! We want him to use his influence as Deputy Prime Minister to ensure the NPPF is radically revised before it is issued next year. Otherwise, people will remember him for more broken promises.”

Please sign our petition to Nick Clegg.