Oh no. Thorpe Marsh gets go ahead.

31st Oct 2011

We feel let down and dissatisfied at David Cameron’s announcement approving plans for the new gas-fired power station at Thorpe Marsh, north of Doncaster.
It’s the wrong decision at the wrong time. We realise a new power station will mean jobs and electricity, but we’ve got real concerns. We've been campaigning against the plans on two grounds - they are outdated in terms of climate change; and will also have an impact on Doncaster’s landscape.

Acorn Power Developments stated that more electricity is needed as old power stations are retired in the next decade. However, we argue that if the Government is to meet is targets to supply more renewable energy and address climate change, then only renewable and low carbon power sources should be permitted. The proposals at Thorpe Marsh are neither and they go against national policies on climate change. We should be investing in green technology and jobs - not in outdated fossil fuel power stations.

We are also worried about the impact this enormous power station will have on the flat open landscape. It will be up to 60 metres high, and you will be able to see it for miles. There’s some lovely countryside around here, which local people really value. Doncaster Council has specific policies which only allow developments that improve the site. Adding a huge new power station here clearly won’t do this.