Todwick dual carriageway: no need

26th May 2011

Rotherham Council’s plans for making the A57 between the M1 and Todwick into dual carriageway are back on track again. This scheme has been off and on for more than a decade. Rotherham Council secured £12 million of funding from the Government last December, and now the only thing standing in the way of construction is planning permission and a public inquiry if objections are raised by affected landowners.

We are against the scheme. There is no proven need for the dual carriageway. The key reason being used is safety because in the past 11 years there have been 180 casualties, ten of which were fatal casualties. We agree that things need to change - but there are far better ways to improve safety.  It is well proven that lowering speed limits and then enforcing them keeps roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. It is also a far more sustainable solution and doesn't carve up the countryside. 

Building a bigger road will mean a 25% increase in traffic (lorries and cars) by 2023 and undermine the use of public transport. Local traffic would ‘junction hop’ on the M1, and people would use the car instead of the nearby railway or quality bus corridors between Worksop and Sheffield.  All of this would mean more pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and can't be justified when there is a far simpler and more effective solution.


PICTURE:  A new dual carriageway would cut straight through the middle of this photo, tarmacing over good agricultural land and razing part of the woodland of Todwick Grange (on the skyline) to the ground.