Food glorious Sheffield food

12th May 2011

New research from CPRE nationally shows that Sheffield has a thriving local food web! A food web is a network of interdependent links between people who buy, sell, produce and supply food in an area and can deliver a wide range of important social, economic and environmental benefits to people and places.

The research shows how local food benefits local communities, economies and the countryside, and that these benefits are threatened by continued supermarket expansion.

From field to fork: Sheffield studied a section of the city where there were over 90 local shops and other food outlets selling locally sourced food. Many outlets contribute to their community by offering extra support, particularly to elderly and disabled customers, with nine out of ten supporting local good causes. It also showed there is a strong presence of community enterprises supplying local food including community supported farms, city farms and community-orientated food markets. Local food outlets provide valuable local jobs with potentially more than 800 jobs at outlets, and a further 1,400 at over 140 local suppliers in the study area.

Local food sales in the area of Sheffield studied could be over £15.5 million a year.