Funding for FARRRS

4th May 2011

We're horrified at the Government’s decision to give £18 million of funding to the controversial FARRRS (Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme) project in Doncaster.

We say that there is absolutely no need for more road building in Doncaster. Even the masterplan for Robin Hood Airport states that the existing road network has the capacity to accommodate more development.

We all now know that new roads just generate more traffic! There will be huge numbers of long commuter car journeys from the new housing development, and then the link to the M18 will increase long distance road traffic too. We're worried that more traffic will create a huge increase in carbon dioxide emissions. 

Also, the road will cut through open countryside - that should be protected as part of a proper Green Belt all the way around Doncaster.

The funding was recently allocated to a private and public sector partnership including Doncaster Council as part of the Government’s new Regional Growth Fund. It was one of only a handful of transport-related bids to be funded and the news has come as a surprise to many local people.  We've been campaigning against the FARRRS project for nearly ten years. Plans are for a single carriageway road linking the M18 to Robin Hood Airport. The road will also be accessible from a new housing development in the east that has recently been given planning permission, as well as the impending Rossington Inland Port in the west.

We realise that these are hard economic times, and that business leaders have set a lot of store by this scheme but we really do have grave concerns that it will set a precedent by allowing road building in a countryside policy area. It goes against the Doncaster Council’s own plans for protecting our countryside.