No to Thorpe Marsh power station

14th Feb 2011

Doncaster Council will make an initial decision about the application for an enormous gas fired power station at Thorpe Marsh, north of Doncaster, next Tuesday 22 February. Because the application has been made using the Electricity Act, Doncaster Council can only make a recommendation for it to be approved or rejected. The final decision will be made by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

We are objecting to the plans on two major grounds.

Firstly: Thorpe Marsh Power Limited states that more electricity will be needed as old power stations are retired in the next decade. However, we argue that if the Government is to meet is targets to supply more renewable energy and address climate change, then only renewable and low carbon power sources should be permitted. The proposals at Thorpe Marsh are neither!

Secondly - we also have serious concerns about the impact it will have on the flat open landscape. The new power station will be up to 60 metres high, and you will be able to see it for miles. There’s some lovely countryside around here, which local people really value. Doncaster Council has specific policies which only allow developments that improve the site. Adding a huge new power station here clearly won’t do this. 
The site used to house a coal-fired power station which was decommissioned in 1994. The large cooling towers are still standing and we are lobbying for them to be removed too. The cooling towers should have been removed when the old power station went, and taking them down should not be used to justify this development. 

We are also writing to the Secretary of State to recommend that the application is refused because a new fossil fuelled power station will go against national policies on climate change, and cause significant local environmental impacts.

Please send your comments to Doncaster Council (the reference number is 10/00442/CON) and lobby your local councillor to say no to the new power station.