YES! becomes NO!

1st Feb 2011

We’re cautiously celebrating the fact that Rotherham Council is terminating its development agreement with Oak Holdings for the £350m YES! Project. This means an end to Oak Holdings’ plans for Europe’s largest indoor leisure park on restored land next to Rother Valley Country Park.

We’ve been campaigning against YES! since its inception in 2003. The land is in a valuable sliver of Green Belt that separates Rotherham, North East Derbyshire and Sheffield. Green Belt land is protected and plays a crucial role in preventing urban sprawl across this area of South Yorkshire. We have always argued that there is plenty of undeveloped brownfield land in Rotherham that is more suitable, and building something like YES! there could actually help regenerate urban areas. 

We continued to lobby against the development when planning was secured in 2007 and then updated last May.
However, the land still isn’t completely safe. Rotherham Council have stated that it “will be seeking other opportunities to bring forward a leisure based scheme of international significance on the site.”