Auckley houses go ahead

11th Jan 2011

We're dismayed that plans to build 750 new houses on valuable local countryside near Doncaster Robin Hood Airport have been given the go ahead.

Doncaster Council approved an application from Peel Investments to develop about 20 hectares (46 acres) of fields off Hurst Lane in Auckley today. We're concerned that the approval of the application for short term economic reasons will set a dangerous precedent. This is the first site in a Countryside Policy Area to be handed over for housing, and we’re alarmed about what that means for the future of our local countryside.

We're also really worried about the huge rise in the number of building projects down the eastern boundary of Doncaster. These plans are yet another example of the pressure to develop the countryside here. If this land had been protected by the green belt then it would have been much, much harder to get it approved. We need Doncaster’s green belt to be extended all the way around the town so that the countryside is safeguarded properly.

Doncaster council stated that one of the reasons for approving the building scheme was that it would help pay for the controversial FARRRS (Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme) road scheme, which is currently without enough funding to go ahead. We’re against the FARRRS scheme and the massive increase in traffic it would generate. So we seriously question the approval of piecemeal developments to fund an unnecessary and damaging scheme.

And anyway, we question the need for the houses to be built at all. We know that there are housing targets to be met, and that in these hard economic times people are keen to create jobs. But we’ve looked at the figures and Doncaster has enough plots with planning permission to meet housing targets for nearly the next seven years.