Doncaster roundabout clutter

8th Nov 2010

We're warning that plans for new sponsorship signs on over a hundred roundabouts in Doncaster will cause clutter and confusion, and could result in accidents.

We've objected to Doncaster Council’s own planning application for 130 free standing signs that would carry one of four of the council’s messages and include a panel for a sponsor’s name. These signs are completely unnecessary and will deface the public spaces of Doncaster.

Research shows that an uncluttered high quality environment attracts investment and visitors, and increases the wellbeing of citizens. The clutter of road signs and street furniture already disfigures many of the transport corridors in the borough, so Doncaster should be removing things rather than adding more!

Worse than that, though, these signs could actually create a hazard for drivers. Thousands of people a year are injured in collisions at roundabouts and junctions, and a sign shouldn’t be allowed unless it manages traffic, increases road safety or gives directions.

And there’s no way that a sign saying “Doncaster – the journey starts here” does any of those things!

South Yorkshire Police have also made an objection based on safety issues.

You can see the application and comment on it at (the application reference number is 10/02929)