Object to Thorpe Marsh!

22nd Sep 2010

Join us in objecting to plans for a new gas-fired power station at Thorpe Marsh, near Barnby Dun, Doncaster.

The original coal-fired power station closed in 1994. The cooling towers should have been removed then, but were left standing. The developers claim that the new station will provide greener electricity and improve the currently derelict site.

We disagree because although a modern power station will be more efficient than the current generation of power stations - it would still waste a huge amount of energy when the (hot) cooling water is dumped into the River Don. If we build new fossil fuel power stations, we must use as much of the energy as possible, ideally via "combined heat and power." We also think that all new forms of generation must be as low carbon as possible: preferably renewable energy.

And although demolition of the towers is welcome, it can't be counted as a planning gain this time - as they should have been removed before! The new power station will have chimneys up to 200 feet high, so it will be another inappropriate major structure in a pleasant, greenfield locatoin.

The planning application is now with both Doncaster Council and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Doncaster Council can only give a recommendation to DECC.

Please write a letter of objection to both Doncaster's Planning Department and the DECC. You could object on several grounds. New short-term energy supplies must be renewable - rather than using gas, a fossil-fuel - to meet government targets. Also, the development of a power station will have significant impact on a tranquil area of Doncaster.

The reference number is 10/00442/CON.