Keep Armthorpe's green wedge

3rd Aug 2010

We're opposing plans for nearly 600 new houses and three large warehouses in countryside north of Armthorpe, Doncaster.

Developers have just submitted proposals to build on almost 30 hectares of land between Armthorpe and Edenthorpe.

This space is a crucial green wedge that separates these two settlements and stops them merging. It’s important that we keep our green corridors. They stop urban sprawl as well as providing valuable breathing spaces for local people.

The countryside under threat is used for farming, and is close to the attractive and valuable West Moor landscape. It is part of Doncaster Council’s Countryside Policy Area, and so protected from development in Doncaster’s own plans.

We alos think that the developers have got their figures wrong. They're arguing that their plans are necessary to meet government targets for a five year supply of housing land. However, the most recent survey shows that Doncaster has more than enough useful land for housing. So there is no need to build here!