20th Apr 2010

Plans for a massive tourism development in the middle of Rotherham's Green Belt land will be decided again this spring.


We're urging people to write to Rotherham Council to reject outrageous and over-the-top proposals for the YES! Project at Rother Valley Country Park. Developers got initial planning permission five years ago for similar plans, but still haven’t started building yet. They now need to apply to renew permission to build a multimedia entertainment theatre, two “themed leisure experiences”, a convention and exhibition centre, health spa, extreme sports centre, high-tech golf driving range, plus a couple of hotels.


The development would take up 12 hectares of the well-used country park. 


“We can see how things like a chocolate experience and brewing experience sound like exciting tourist attractions,” says our Planning Officer John King, “but it’s completely over-the-top to build such a massive development on precious, restored Green Belt land. There’s plenty of undeveloped brownfield land in Rotherham that are far more suitable, and could actually help regenerate urban areas.”  


“Rother Valley Country Park lies in a valuable sliver of Green Belt that separates Rotherham, North East Derbyshire and Sheffield. Green Belt land is protected and plays a crucial role in preventing urban sprawl across this area of South Yorkshire, so we have to stop these outrageous plans,” he adds.


We're also warning that the YES! Project would cause local traffic problems. Developers are predicting 6 million visitors a year, and the plans include car parking for nearly 3,500 cars.