Bradholme saved

10th Mar 2010

We are celebrating news that countryside near Thorne in Doncaster is safe…for the time being. Proposals for two huge distribution warehouses at Bradholme were kicked out by Doncaster Council last September, but local people were fully expecting the developers to appeal against this within six months and trigger a public inquiry. 


“The deadline for an appeal has now passed, so the plans are dead in the water!” says John King, our Planning Officer. “These warehouses would have been over 80 feet high, and visible from the flat Humberhead levels.  Employees arriving by car, plus over a thousand lorry movements a day, would have meant a huge increase in traffic and carbon dioxide emissions – so we’re really relieved that this distribution centre is not going ahead.” 


We are still worried that Doncaster Council’s future planning policies could mean that Bradholme is at even more risk of being built on.  The area has been identified as a strategic employment site in draft plans.


“Of course we support the idea of reducing unemployment in Doncaster. But one of the main reasons that these plans were rejected in the first place was because councillors were not convinced that the number of jobs promised would actually materialise,” says John.


“Doncaster Council should allocate brownfield sites for warehousing, and leave the Humberhead Levels alone.  This is another example of why Doncaster should expand the Green Belt east. Without new Green Belt, all the land near the M18 and M180 could be covered by giant tin warehouses.”